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This page serves as an archive for the previous Caller's Bane website, including download links for game distribution. The game client and server themselves are distributed under a specific end user license agreement, as specified under downloads below.


Caller's Bane is a digital card game created by Mojang. It was originally released under the name Scrolls. It entered closed alpha in 2012, and released as a full game in 2014, before being renamed to Caller's Bane and released for free in 2018, under the EULA linked below. Mojang are no longer hosting any official servers for the game, but the free client can join community servers, and anybody can host a server using the package linked on this page. The package contains instructions for how to setup a community server, which also lets you edit cards and rulesets and many other things.


Below, you'll find download links for the Caller's Bane client and server packages. By downloading the client or server for any platform, you agree to accept the End User License Agreement as detailed below:



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Archived articles and media

We've archived articles and media posts from the previous website. If you want to see old changelogs, updates, competitions, wallpapers, etc - this is the place to find it!


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