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Announcing the MINECON Open

Posted on June 5 2015 by Gary


We’re happy to announce an official Scrolls tournament for this year’s MINECON. Read on for more details!


The MINECON Open will consist of two qualifying tournaments in the month of June, with the finals taking place during MINECON weekend in early July. All players are eligible to participate and are not required to attend the convention.


Participants must check in the day of the tournament between 15:00-15:45 GMT in the in-game channel “Minecon.” Any questions can be directed to Atmaz in game, or by email at You must register before 22:00 GMT the day before each qualifier, at which time ranked ratings will be recorded for bracket seeding purposes.

Once again, players are not required to attend MINECON.

Tournament Format

Qualifying Tournament Format:

Finals Format:


MINECON Qualifier #1: Sunday, June 21st, 16:00 GMT

MINECON Qualifier #2: Sunday, June 28th, 16:00 GMT


MINECON is taking place in London, England – therefore all times will first be introduced in BST (British Summer Time) and then GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

Saturday, July 4th:

11:00 BST (10:00 GMT)

The Finals shall begin at this time. All matches will proceed sequentially until the final two “Best of 3” matches are ready, at which point the tournament shall be put on hold until we take our place on our live tournament stage area.

17:00-19:00 BST ( 16:00 – 18:00 GMT)

The last two “Best of 3’s” will begin, and shall be broadcast live at MINECON in a two hour time slot on the live tournament stage. Once these matches are over, the tournament continues the following day with the final two players.

Sunday, July 5th:

15:00-17:00 BST (14:00 – 16:00 GMT)

The “Best of 5” grand final match will begin, and shall be broadcast live on the tournament stage.


First turn rules:

For Best of 3:

For Best of 5 (Grand Finals):

It is both players’ responsibility to keep track of first turns. If at any point a mistake is discovered regarding first turns during the first five rounds of a game, players must both agree to continue the game – otherwise the game shall be remade and will not count. If the mistake is discovered after the first five rounds or the game is already finished, the game result will still count.



Qualifying Tournaments:


You can expect each qualifying tournament to last around 4-6 hours. Finals are estimated at 6-8 hours, as each match will be played one at a time.

New Tournament Heads

With Echoes going to live servers on June 9th, every “Tournament Head” reward shall shift to a new set of lovely avatar heads.


Behold, the third set of Scrolls Tournament Heads! The previous two will remain legacy avatar pieces, and will no longer be awarded.

ESL 2015 Season 2 Champions

Speaking of previous Tournament Heads, congratulations to the winner of last weekend’s ESL playoffs:


Honorable mentions:

If you missed it, you can watch a great highlight video of the tournament put together by Bronol over on YouTube.

See you next week for Echoes! You can expect a small balance patch to the test server before Tuesday.

-Gary (@Atmaz)