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Echoes is live! Scrolldiers, join the expedition.

Posted on June 9 2015 by Måns Olson


Great expeditions are being launched from every corner of the world. Mighty caravans venture out of the Empire, hunting parties roam the forests of Khaile, and tunnels are dug in faraway Dyrra. Converging on the highlands far north of Aes Mora, they all seek the echoes of a distant past.

Echoes is our latest set of 60 scrolls. With it comes replays, custom matches, a wild new Judgement mode, and plenty more. For a full breakdown, have a look at our previous post or see the changelog after the break.

Scrolldiers – join the expedition!

Changelog 1.3.0 (client 1.3.0)

Introducing our new set: Echoes! This includes 60 all-new scrolls, replays, custom matches, new Judgement, and much more.

Explorer’s packs have been updated to Echoes (no longer has increased chance to give Waypoints scrolls)

A large balance patch for existing scrolls is being worked on, and should go live in the near future.



Added 60 Echoes scrolls. Huge congratulations to the winners of the Echoes scroll design competition: TheJakyll, gaver10, uwlryoung, and EyeTheta!


Ranked reset


Custom matches






Bug fixes

Hot off the press

Most of the above changes have been on the test server for some time. Below are a few last-minute tweaks and balance changes that were not included in the latest test server patch.