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Test Server – Echoes balance

Posted on June 16 2015 by Gary


A large batch of balance changes and miscellaneous fixes/adjustments have sneaked their way on to the test server. Over 50 scrolls are seeing a change! Read on to see the complete list.

Changelog 1.3.2 (client 1.3.2)



Bug Fixes

More on Judgement weight changes

We recognize the power of a few of the remaining unweighted treaties and made them a little harder to get. Consolidator Niara also saw a similar change.

On the other hand, we’d like to increase the availability of certain “comeback” scrolls. This means you should be able to include more of these in your deck if you’d like, and expect that your opponent may likely have them as well.

The following are the exact weights that have been applied:

Accessing the Test Server

Everyone has access to the test server. You can access the Test Server by starting the Scrolls launcher, clicking “More Options”-> “Play Test Server”.

Have fun!